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What is Bladderwrack?

Bladderwrack is a sea vegetables that is believed to contain the highest levels of iodine known to man. This naturally-occurring source of iodine which is so highly valued in the herbal industry can help support a healthy functioning thyroid gland. Iodine is noted by many great herbalist as one of the most crucial nutrients for a healthy thyroid. Scientifically without sufficient levels of iodine, the body can’t make thyroid hormones primarily responsible for regulation of metabolism.

Bladderwrack is most commonly blended into a tincture, a drink, and or used in baths as well to provide a relaxing and soothing alkaline bath.

This wonderful sea vegetable is a super product of the world.

Combine with our Sea Moss for a powerful blend


Underactive thyroid obesity, vision issues, balance your bowels, weight Loss, and also contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties called Fucoidan. In our experience, this is one of the best ingredients in the battle against the redness of the skin, caused by various issues. Bladderwrack can also be used in the treatment of minor burns and insect bites.

Perfect for thyroids, and overall health !





Bladderwrack has been used traditionally to treat an underactive and oversized thyroid and to treat iodine deficiency. Bladderwrack contains numerous phytonutrients, which are credited with its many health benefits. Fucoxanthin anchors its antioxidant benefits.[20] Bladderwrack has antiestrogenic effects and has been shown to lower the risk of estrogen-dependent diseases.[21],[22] Bladderwrack lowers lipid and cholesterol levels[23] and supports weight loss. Its mucopolysaccharide phytonutrients inhibit skin enzymes from breaking down in the skin, reduce skin thickness, and improve elasticity.[24] Bladderwrack has also shown anticandida, antibacterial,[25],[26] and antitumor properties.